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Taiwanese born Crystal Chien is a British award winning independent jewellery designer. Crystal takes much of her inspiration from nature and gemstones. Playing with different shapes and coloured gemstones, combines them creating new patterns into every unique piece. Her first allure collection, launched in 2015, was received with critical acclaim and chosen by Bright young gems 2015 shown at London.   Initially studying in Taipei, Crystal learnt traditional craftsmanship for almost 4 years before moving to UK for another BA degree in Jewellery & Silversmithing at Birmingham School of Jewellery. Crystal recognizes the importance of modern technology, particularly CADCAM. Working with CADCAM, Crystal transforms complicated design into a reality. All of her works combine CADCAM with traditional craftsmanship perfectly.   Crystal is passionate about current fashion trends. She sees the potential in the high end fashionable fine jewellery, of women who love bold and modern design. It encouraged her to start her own brand, creating unique and timeless jewellery.